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InfluxDB shell client container
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InfluxDB shell image that allow to execute the influx client shell to interact with a InfluxBD server.

Build the image

To create this image, execute the following command in the docker-influxdb-shell folder.

docker build -t cburki/influxdb-shell .

Run the image

When you run this image you could specify the argument of the influx shell tool. Here is an example giving the help argument.

docker run --rm -it cburki/influxdb-shell -help

Usage of influx:
       Display the version and exit.
  -host 'host name'
       Host to connect to.
  -port 'port #'
       Port to connect to.
  -database 'database name'
       Database to connect to the server.
  -password 'password'
      Password to connect to the server.  Leaving blank will prompt for password (--password '')
  -username 'username'
       Username to connect to the server.
       Dump the contents of the given database to stdout.
  -execute 'command'
       Execute command and quit.
  -format 'json|csv|column'
       Format specifies the format of the server responses:  json, csv, or column.
       Turns on pretty print for the json format.


    # Use influx in a non-interactive mode to query the database "metrics" and pretty print json
    $ influx -database 'metrics' -execute 'select * from cpu' -format 'json' -pretty

    # Dumping out your data
    $ influx  -database 'metrics' -dump

    # Connect to a specific database on startup and set database context
    $ influx -database 'metrics' -host 'localhost' -port '8086'
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