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Files synchronization with seafile server. (no longer supported)
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Note that this image is no longer supported.


Docker image for synchronizing files with a seafile server.

Build the image

To create this image, execute the following command in the docker-insync folder.

docker build \
    -t cburki/seafile-cli \

Run the image

Execute the following command to run your image. The first time it started, you need
to add your Google account and eventually select the files to synchronize.

docker run \
    --name seafile-cli \
    --volumes-from <data volume container> \
    -d \

Download and synchronize a library

The following command is used to download and synchronize a library with an existing

docker exec \
    -i \
    -t \
    seafile-cli \
    /usr/local/bin/seaf-cli sync -l <library_id> -s <server_url> -d <folder> -u <username> -p <password>

The library identifier <library_id> could be found by browsing the library on the
server, it is in the url after /lib/. <server_url> is the server and port of
the seafile server to connect to. <folder> is the folder where the library folder
will be downloaded and synchronized. The password could be omitted and it would
be asked later.

When syncing with a HTTPS server, you probably need to disable certificate verification.

docker exec \
    -i \
    -t \
    seaf-cli \
    /usr/local/bin/seaf-cli config -k disable_verify_certificate -v true
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