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Debian Jessie with sshd
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The base image has been changed from debian:jessie to ubuntu:latest. I have
made this changes due to the old packages version in the debian jessie. If
you still want to use the debian one, use the tag debian-latest or debian-1.2.1.


SSH server image with emacs editor. This image allow to download/upload files
from/to volumes of a data containers. It allow to browse the mounted
volumes and edit the files inside theses volumes.

Build the image

To create this image, execute the following command in the docker-sshd folder.

docker image build -t cburki/sshd .

Configure the image

The following environment variables could be used to configure the users.

  • SSH_PASSWORD : The password for root and given user. No password is set when not specified.
  • SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEY : Your public key that will be added to the authorized key file of the root and given user.
  • SSH_USER : An optional user that will be created.

You will not be able to log into this container if you do not provide at
least SSH_PASSWORD or SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEY. Be careful to set a strong password
for the users because they have full access to the volumes you specify to mount
when running the container. When he user SSH_USER is created, the SSH_PASSWORD
and SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEY are also set for this user.

Run the image

When you run the image, you will bind the SSH port 22. You can add the volume
with the shared data you would like to access.

docker container run \
    --name sshd \
    -v <volume_name>:<countainer_mount> \
    -d \
    -e SSH_PASSWORD=<your_password> \
    -e SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEY="<your_key>" \
    -p 2222:22 \
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