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dumbserve is a really dumb web server written in the Go programming language. It renders static html files from paths passed to it as arguments. You may also specify a port for it to run on. It does not fork or run in the background on it's own. Should you require that dumbserve run as a daemon, I suggest using daemontools.


You must have a working Go build system available to use dumbserve.


luser@lolcathost:~$ go get
luser@lolcathost:~$ go intsall


luser@lolcathost:~$ dumbserve -p 9090 -webroot /var/www -altroot /var/alt


dumbserve makes some assumptions. One of which is that you're serving files which are under version control by Git. If dumbserve is accessible from the internet, you can use the POST to the /github enpoint to update the local copy of your repo. Check out more on GitHub Post-Receive Hooks

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