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This is a simple Dockerfile that you could use for hosting your own
irc bouncer a la znc_.


Building an image form this Dockerfile is pretty straightforward

.. code-block:: bash

$ docker build -t crd0/znc:0.0.1


If you prefer using a dedicated data only volume container for things
like certs and configs, you might do so with the image you previously
created like this.

.. code-block:: bash

$ docker create -v /var/run/ircd --name zncdata crd0/znc:0.0.1 echo "data only volume container"

If this is your first time using this image, you might want to generate
a simple certificate into the persistent storage you just created.

.. code-block:: bash

$ docker run --rm --volumes-from zncdata crd0/znc:0.0.1 /usr/bin/znc -p -d /var/run/ircd

Similarly, if you need to generate a config, you might do so interactively
using the same image.

.. code-block:: bash

$ docker run --rm -it --volumes-from zncdata crd0/znc:0.0.1 /usr/bin/znc --makeconf -d /var/run/ircd

Alternatively, if you already have a recent backup your own the znc
data, you might restore it with something like the following:

.. code-block:: bash

$ docker run --rm --volumes-from zncdata -v $(pwd):/backup crd0/znc:0.0.1 tar xvf /backup/backup.tar


Once all of my configs and such are as I expect them to be, I might use
something like the following to start the service in the background
with the default CMD

.. code-block:: bash

$ docker run -d --volumes-from zncdata --name znc -p 36667:6667 crd0/znc:0.0.1

.. _znc:

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