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Image made to setup the haskell platform for UIUC's Programming Languages course (CS421)
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This is a docker image that was made for UIUC's CS421 course on Programming Languages.

Essentially, I got tired of dealing with cabal shenanigans mucking up my system's Haskell setup.


You need some familiarity with docker. If you don't know what that is, this is a nice intro.

On OS X and Windows you'll want to install the Docker Toolbox, which will install the docker cli, docker-machine to manage virtual machines, and virtualbox to run those VMs.

On a Linux distro like Arch Linux, you'll first need to follow your distro's instructions on installing docker.


For CS421, you are given access to a GitLab repo that contains all your CS421 programming homework.

Assuming you've cloned that repo locally at ~/src/cs421-assignments, you'll want to cd into that directory:

cd ~/src/cs421-assignments

Then run the following to invoke ghci:

docker run -v $(pwd):/src/cs421 --rm -it cdrnyx/uiuc-cs421-docker-haskell

-v maps a path on the host machine to /src/cs421 which lives inside the container.

--rm is a flag to tell docker to destroy the container when exiting.

-it invokes an interactive tty.

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