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Dockerized NetExtender (command line)
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Dockerized NetExtender (command line)


# You need to run it in foreground in order to enter your credentials
docker run --privileged -it --rm --name myvpn \
    -v ~/.ssh/ cecton/netextender

# Open a socks proxy on your machine using ssh
ip=$(docker inspect -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' myvpn)
ssh -fND 9050 root@$ip

# This will go into background and you will be able to connect through the VPN
# by changing the proxy settings to socks://localhost:9050

# You can also run Git through the VPN using proxychains
# (no configuration is required, proxychains uses localhost:9050 by default)
proxychains git clone ...
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5 months ago

Despite it works pretty well, in the end I don't use this image anymore and I suggest anybody who likes it to fork it and maintain it themselves.

The main reason is that you need a Docker instance to run NetExtender but if you want to use that proxy in your containers (if you build images, run containers, everything) you will need to start another Docker daemon.