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This is our Standard base image for rails.
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Purpose of this Tool

We have to specify this carfully with as little words as possible!

Used Ruby

The currently used Ruby Version is 2.3.1

System dependencies

We use rvm to install the specified Ruby Version


You need to create a database.yml in the config/ directory.
There is a sample file included in the same directory.
The default Database is sqlite3.



Database creation

You can create the Database just by migrating.

rake db:migrate

Database seed

You can seed the Database with an default Admin Users.
You can find the credentials in db/seeds.rb

rake db:seed

Database creation and seeding

You can do both in one go with

rake db:reset

Use Docker

You can autosetup the enviorment with docker-compose up
This will start a postgresql, minio, and application server
You can access the application on http://localhost:3000

To run commands inside the container use docker-compose run collection_gatherer bundle exec rake db:setup

Get a bash inside container
docker run -it collectiongather_collection-gatherer /bin/bash



There are not tests setup right now


We don't use external Services


We don't have a deployment yet

Debug in Development Mode

We have included "better_errors" with binding_of_caller for Deep Error Inspection from the Browser.

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