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cpuminer docker image on Ubuntu Zesty
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cpuminer docker image on Ubuntu Zesty

  • Default
  • Need to pass your Monero wallet address for WALLETADDR variable.
  • Right now you need to manually set THREADS variable so 2 SSH commands to run would be

2 commands to run to calculate the number of threads and assign to THREADS variable and the docker run command

THREADS=$(lscpu | awk '/^L3/ {l3=sprintf("%u", $NF)/1024} /^Socket/ {sockets=sprintf("%u", $NF)} END {print l3*sockets/2}')
docker run --name cpuminer -d -e WALLETADDR=<MONERO_ADDRESS> -e THREADS=$THREDS centminmod/docker-ubuntu-cpuminer

minerd options

./minerd -h
Usage: minerd [OPTIONS]
  -o, --url=URL         URL of mining server
  -O, --userpass=U:P    username:password pair for mining server
  -u, --user=USERNAME   username for mining server
  -p, --pass=PASSWORD   password for mining server
      --cert=FILE       certificate for mining server using SSL
  -x, --proxy=[PROTOCOL://]HOST[:PORT]  connect through a proxy
  -t, --threads=N       number of miner threads (default: number of processors)
  -r, --retries=N       number of times to retry if a network call fails
                          (default: retry indefinitely)
  -R, --retry-pause=N   time to pause between retries, in seconds (default: 30)
  -T, --timeout=N       timeout for long polling, in seconds (default: none)
  -s, --scantime=N      upper bound on time spent scanning current work when
                          long polling is unavailable, in seconds (default: 5)
      --no-longpoll     disable X-Long-Polling support
      --no-stratum      disable X-Stratum support
      --no-redirect     ignore requests to change the URL of the mining server
  -q, --quiet           disable per-thread hashmeter output
  -D, --debug           enable debug output
  -P, --protocol-dump   verbose dump of protocol-level activities
  -S, --syslog          use system log for output messages
  -B, --background      run the miner in the background
      --benchmark       run in offline benchmark mode
  -c, --config=FILE     load a JSON-format configuration file
  -V, --version         display version information and exit
  -h, --help            display this help text and exit
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