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Platform for building and running Ruby on Rails 4.2 applications
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Ruby on Rails 4.2 platform container image

This container image includes Ruby on Rails 4.2 platform for general usage.
Users can choose between RHEL and CentOS based images.
The RHEL image is available in the Red Hat Container Catalog
The CentOS image is then available on Docker Hub
as centos/ror-42-centos7.


Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness
and sustainable productivity. It encourages beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.
The container image provides a Ruby on Rails 4.2 platform for building and running applications.
It contains Ruby 2.3, Ruby on Rails 4.2, and NodeJS 4 preinstalled.


The image is to aimed to be used as base image for various layered application images.

To pull the rhscl/ror-42-rhel7 image, run the following command as root:

docker pull rhscl/ror-42-rhel7

To create a layered container image that uses this image as base, create a Dockerfile as the following:

FROM rhscl/ror-42-rhel7
COPY your-app /opt/app-root/src
CMD ...


No further configuration is required.
This image contains and enables the rh-ruby23, rh-ror42, and rh-nodejs4 Software Collections.

S2I build support

This image doesn't support S2I tool.
For automatic S2I builds, use the Ruby container available as rhscl/ruby-23-rhel7 for RHEL or centos/ruby-23-centos7 for CentOS.

Environment variables and volumes

No special environment variables or volumes available.


Container log can be examined by running:

docker logs <container>

See also

Dockerfile and other sources for this container image are available on
In that repository, Dockerfile for CentOS is called Dockerfile, Dockerfile
for RHEL is called Dockerfile.rhel7.

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