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Install wrappers for common Ceph utility programs
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These are wrapper files for ceph CLI tools to make working with ceph a little easier and allow direct usage from the host OS.


Copy the tools files wherever you would like them. e.g. /opt/bin

Typically the easiest way to install these is using the docker container. This method is especially handy under CoreOS.

To load the CLI tools to /opt/bin using docker, run the following command on the host:

/usr/bin/docker run --rm -v /opt/bin:/opt/bin ceph/install-utils`

To install to an alternate directory on the host using docker:

/usr/bin/docker run --rm -v /path/for/install:/opt/bin ceph/install-utils`

Then use the CLI tools as you normally would.

ceph status
ceph-disk prepare
rados lspools
rbd ls

Note: If the directory where you have loaded the files is not in PATH, you may need to add the directory or call using the full path to the wrapper (i.e. /opt/bin/rbd ls)

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