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Image for running helm classic within a container.
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helm-classic is a docker image that lets you run helm commands within a
container. It doesn't do much more than include kubectl and pre-initialize
helm for you. The recommended way to use it is to mount your charts and
configuration as volumes.

You may also opt for mounting a persistent volume and using helm to install
additional repos that way.

NOTE: This image is based off of ceroic/kubectl and is intended to run
within a kubernetes cluster authenticated using a service account. If you wish
to test locally, look under Volumes at how to mount your kubectl authentication.

Get more information on helm classic here:


As a base image for your own Dockerfile:

FROM ceroic/helm-classic:latest

The image contains an entrypoint that simplifies running helm directly with
Docker. You can run commands like this:

$ docker run ceroic/helm -- list
$ docker run ceroic/helm -- update && helmc search postgresql

However unless you mount a volume to save the results of the .helmc/cache or
.helmc/workspace/charts directory, any installed / updated charts will be


If you'd like to pre-install some charts, mount them into the workspace:

$ docker run ceroic/helm -v charts:/root/.helmc/workspace/charts

If you are working locally, make sure you mount kubectl authentication:

$ docker run ceroic/helm -v ~/.kube:/root/.kube:ro
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