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Forked from tuxeh/docker-sonarr to run in my custom user context
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Docker Sonarr (previously NzbDrone)


  • tuxeh/sonarr:latest - Installs from Sonarr master repository
  • tuxeh/sonarr:develop - Installs from Sonarr develop repository


  • TCP 8989 - Web Interface


  • /volumes/config - Sonarr configuration data
  • /volumes/completed - Completed downloads from download client
  • /volumes/media - Sonarr media folder

Docker runs as uid 65534 (nobody on debian, nfsnobody on fedora). When mounting volumes from the host, ensure this uid has the correct permission on the folders.


The quickest way to get it running without integrating with a download client or media server (plex)

sudo docker run --restart always --name sonarr -p 8989:8989 -v /path/to/your/media/folder/:/volumes/media -v /path/to/your/completed/downloads:/volumes/completed tuxeh/sonarr

You can link to the download client's volumes and plex using something similar:

sudo docker run --restart always --name sonarr --volumes-from plex --link plex:plex --volumes-from deluge --link deluge:deluge -p 8989:8989 tuxeh/sonarr


To update successfully, you must configure Sonarr to use the update script in / This is configured under Settings > (show advanced) > General > Updates > change Mechanism to Script.

After updating, the update script will stop the container. If the container was run with --restart always, docker will automatically restart Sonarr.

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