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Stormpath AD / LDAP agent for enterprise authentication integration with Stormpath backend
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What is the Stormpath Agent?

Stormpath offers a firewall-friendly approach that’s perfect for internal applications trying to sync to their own AD/LDAP servers and for SaaS applications trying to sync with their customers’ AD/LDAP servers.

For more information on the Stormpath integration with enterprise directories please refer to:

Stormpath Docs

The AD Agent is dependent on JRE 1.8 and hence this container is based on java:8 image

Agent Configuration file

The Stormpath agent is based on a configuration file called and the recommendation is to host this on the local file system and mount the file as shown in the docker run command detailed below.

A sample configuration file is shown below for reference and needs to be updated to include the agent id and API keys which are available from the Stormpath console.

# Copyright (c) 2013, Stormpath, Inc.
# All rights reserved.

# ========================================================
# Authentication
# Set your agent's ID here
# ======================================================== = PutAgentSpecificIdHere

# ========================================================
# Reference your file _OR_
# uncomment and set your account's apikey id and secret here
# ========================================================

How to use this container

The Stormpath Agent has a configuration file that is located in the /conf directory called The default properties file has been included in the container but this can be easily updated with site specific details by mounting the file from the local file system using the volume -v option in the docker run command:

docker run -d --name sp-agent -v /opt/sp/ cesdaile/stormpath-agent

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