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Schedule HTTP callouts with a given payload through HTTP

To add a job to the queue:

POST localhost:8080/scheduler/api
  "timestamp": 1397733237027,
  "url": "http://localhost:3000",
  "payload": "{\"Hello\":\"world\"}"

will schedule a callout POST http://localhost:3000/ with {"Hello": "world"} as the body.

You will receive back a JSON object that has the group::name pair. You will need to hang on to this if you ever intend to cancel the job.

To remove a job from the queue:

DELETE localhost:8080/scheduler/api/group::name

This will remove a previously scheduled job with the unique key of group::name. The JSON returned will show failure if the job cannot be found or it was not possible to cancel it.

HTTP verbs supported

Currently supports Http POST, JSON content and one single date to add to the schedule and DELETE with the group::name on the url to remote a scheduled job.

Run server:

With Docker:

docker pull cexbbartolome/quartz-http:latest
docker run --name quartz-http cexbbartolome/quartz-http

Will pull the docker image and create a container named quartz-http

docker run -e HOST= -e PORT=8090 cexbbartolome/quartz-http:latest

Overrides the network interface ( and port (8090) from the defaults (

Without Docker

mvn jetty:run

Will download, build, run the server on the default port 8080

mvn -Djetty.port=8090 jetty:run

Will download, build, run the server on port 8090

mvn -Dorg.quartz.jobStore.class=org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.JobStoreTX \
    -Dorg.quartz.jobStore.tablePrefix=QRTZ_ \
    -Dorg.quartz.jobStore.driverDelegateClass=org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.PostgreSQLDelegate \
    -Dorg.quartz.jobStore.dataSource=qzDS \
    -Dorg.quartz.dataSource.qzDS.driver=org.postgresql.Driver \
    -Dorg.quartz.dataSource.qzDS.URL=jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/dbname \
    -Dorg.quartz.dataSource.qzDS.user=postgres \
    -Dorg.quartz.dataSource.qzDS.password=secret \
    -Dorg.quartz.dataSource.qzDS.maxConnections=30 \
    -e jetty:run

Will download, build, run the server, and persist jobs into the Postgres database specified

Compile war file to /target directory:

mvn package 

Testing server

If you use a browser (or use curl with -GET) to navigate to the URL that the scheduler is running on your should receive this type of error:

Problem accessing /scheduler/api. Reason:
HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL

This is good and what you should expect from a GET. The URL will only support POST, PUT and DELETE.


  • Added load-on-startup entry in web.xml
  • Added JDBC drivers for PostgreSQL 9.4
  • Added slf4j for logging
  • Removed virtualHosts entry in jetty-web.xml
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