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Run Protractor tests using Firefox headless in a docker container

Important note

This Github repository is associated to the DockerHub repository cfalguiere/Protractor-Firefox-Headless-Docker and automatically built.

For whatever reason, when the image is built on DockerHub it does not work properly.

Another image has been built locally and pushed onto the repository cfalguiere/Protractor-test. This one works file.

Please use cfalguiere/protractor-test whereever cfalguiere/protractor-firefox-headless is used, or built the image by yourself with the script provided in the root of the project.

Prerequisites to run the vagrant vm

  • vagrant
  • virtualbox or another vm provider
  • ssh client (for Windows users, you may install Git for Windows and use the bash and ssh client provided with msysgit)

Create the hosting vm with docker

$ vagrant up

This will create a VM with docker already installed

Then ssh to the VM and proceed to the shared folder

$ vagrant ssh
$ cd /vagrant

All the files located in the same folder as Vagrantfile will be available under /vagrant within the VM.


Running the test suite

Type the following at the vm's ssh prompt

$ sudo docker run --name protractor --volume /vagrant/testapp:/opt/protractor/app --env TEST_FILE=test/e2e/protractor.conf.js cfalguiere/protractor-firefox-headless

A sample test file is provided in the testapp/test/e2e/ folder.

The Angular app directory should be mounted as /opt/protractor/app in the docker container. Change /vagrant/app to whatever your app home is.

The test file is passed as to the container as an environment variable. Change test/e2e/protractor.conf.js to the path to the protractor test confiiuration file. The file should be relative to the folder mounted as a volume.

Running the test suite against another docker container

Use --link if the system under test is running in another docker container hosted on the same vm.

sudo docker run  --name protractor  --volume /vagrant/testapp:/opt/protractor/app --env TEST_FILE=test/e2e/protractor.conf.js --link nginx_test:web cfalguiere/protractor-firefox-headless

The docker container which name is nginx_test is linked under the name web to the docker contaienr.

For instance, if a web servr is running on port 80 in nginx_test, the landing page of the site could be visited at http://web/index.html from the protractor container.

Building the protractor container

Run the build.bash script. This will build the container image protractor_image.

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