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Contains the tools to build & package dotnet core aws lambdas
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Contains the tools to build & package dotnet core aws lambdas


  1. Start a container with your project mapped as a volume
    docker run -it --rm -v "$(PWD):/var/app" cfbarbero/aws-lambda-dotnet-build /bin/bash
  2. Run dotnet commands against your project
    • Restore
      dotnet restore
      • Test
        dotnet test tests/tests.csproj
    • Build
      cd src/project
      dotnet build
    • Lambda Package - note: this is different that the standard 'dotnet publish' command. It automatically flattens the platform specific 'runtimes' folder in the generated build folder to target the aws lambda environment. AWS Lambda runtime can't dynamically load platform assemblies from the runtime folder.
      cd src/project
      dotnet lambda package -f netcoreapp1.0 -c Release -o
    • Compile SAM template - note: this assumes that you have valid credentials in the container.
      aws cloudformation package --template-file serverless.template --s3-bucket <sam-artifactbucket> --output-template-file compiledTemplate.yaml

AWS Credentials

To map credentials into the container you should map your ~/.aws folder into the container.

Running your container like below will set the aws credentials/config from your local machine available to any user of the docker container (ie root, jenkins, etc)

docker run -it --rm -e "HOME=/home" -v $HOME/.aws:/home/.aws cfbarbero/aws-lambda-dotnet-build 
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