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This image is based on the official Elixir image and includes the features of that image.
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Image Contents

This image is based on the official Elixir image and includes the features of that image.

At the time of writing, this Dockerfile results in an image that also contains:

  • NodeJS 4.x (installed via NodeSource's APT repository)
  • npm 3.8.9

It also includes the following ONBUILD steps for convenience of use as a base image itself:

  • Creates a working directory for your app at /usr/src/app
  • Adds files like package.json and brunch-config.js and installs npm dependencies
  • Sets MIX_ENV to prod
  • Copies files needed to determine Mix config and dependencies, then downloads and compiles those dependencies

All of the above occur before any custom instructions in a child Dockerfile that uses FROM to inherit from this one.

Image Versions

The latest tag on Docker Hub should always be reasonably in sync with the tip of master within this repository via automated builds. Starting with 1.2.4, git tags will also result in a corresponding Docker Hub tag.

Checking Versions

Want to check the current versions included in the latest image in light of future rebuilds?

  • docker run -it --rm shanesveller/phoenix-framework node -v
  • docker run -it --rm shanesveller/phoenix-framework npm -v
  • docker run -it --rm shanesveller/phoenix-framework mix


  • MIX_ENV is set to prod globally for all commands run in the Docker container, unless overridden on a per-command basis or a later ENV Dockerfile instruction
  • When building your own apps based on a third party's Docker image, you should make note of any ONBUILD instructions in the base image's Dockerfile, as these are executed dynamically while building your app, prior to ANY of the instructions in your own Dockerfile.

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