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cgeo Jenkins executor
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Using cgeo-executor

You can launch a cgeo-executor-1 from the cgeo-executor image using docker:

docker run -d --device /dev/kvm --cpuset-cpus=12-15 \
  --memory=8g --memory-reservation=4g \
  --name cgeo-executor-1 -v PATH-TO-YOUR-SRV:/srv cgeo/cgeo-executor

Here, the executor has access to /dev/kvm, is restricted to 4 CPUs (12 to 15),
and can use at most 8GB of RAM (4GB preferred).

Also, a directory is bound to /srv in the container. This directory must contain
at least those files:

  • slave: the name of the Jenkins slave
  • secret: the secret of the Jenkins slave
  • cgeo.geocaching_preferences.xml

The user running docker must have access to /dev/kvm.

Upgrade Android sdk tools

Sdk tools are managed in file android-packages. Image need to be rebuilt when changed.
To find which names are available, this command will be useful:

sdkmanager --list --verbose | grep -vP "^Info:|^\s|^$|^done$"


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