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Automated build for a container with the dockernet/mininet framework
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Use Docker containers as hosts inside your Mininet topologies. Interact with the containers through Mininet's CLI.

This fork of Mininet allows to use Docker containers as Mininet hosts. This enables interesting functionalities to built networking/cloud testbeds. The integration is done by subclassing the original Host class.

Based on: Mininet 2.2.1

  • WIP! Not fully functional yet.
  • Contributions welcome :-)


  • Add, remove Docker containers to Mininet topologies
  • Connect Docker containers to topology (to switches, other containers, or legacy Mininet hosts )
  • Execute commands inside Docker containers by using the Mininet CLI
  • Dynamic topology changes (lets behave like a small cloud ;-) )
    • Add Hosts/Docker containers to a running Mininet topology
    • Connect Hosts/Docker containers to a running Mininet topology
    • Remove Hosts/Docker containers/Links from a running Mininet topology
  • Resource limitation of Docker containers
    • CPU limitation with Docker CPU share option
    • CPU limitation with Docker CFS period/quota options
    • Memory/swap limitation
  • Traffic control links (delay, bw, loss, jitter)
    • (missing: TCLink support for dynamically added containers/hosts)
  • Automated unit tests for all new features
  • Automated installation based on Ansible playbook


  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Docker 1.9.1
  • docker-py


Automatic installation is provide through an Ansible playbook.

  • Requires: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • sudo apt-get install ansible git
  • sudo vim /etc/ansible/hosts
  • Add: localhost ansible_connection=local
  • git clone
  • cd dockernet/ansible
  • sudo ansible-playbook install.yml
  • Wait (and have a coffee) ...

Usage / Run

Start example topology with some empty Docker containers connected to the network.

  • cd dockernet
  • run: sudo python examples/
  • use: mininet> d1 ifconfig to see config of container d1


There is a set of Dockernet specific unit tests located in mininet/test/ To run these, do:

  • cd dockernet/mininet
  • sudo python test -d



Dockernet (c) 2015 by Manuel Peuster


Manuel Peuster
manuel (dot) peuster (at) upb (dot) de

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