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Confluent Platform Kafka MirrorMaker
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Confluent Platform Kafka MirrorMaker

This is a highly configurable Dockerized Kafka MirrorMaker image.

How to use this image

The container can be configured via environment variables where any MirrorMaker property can be set after mm_, producer configurations after mm_pd_ and consumer configurations after mm_cs_ with underscore instead of period ('.') used in all cased as the alternate separator. For example:

Environment Variable Property Default
mm_streams streams 2
mm_topics topics .*
mm_cs_group_id mirrormaker
mm_pd_client_id mirrormaker
mm_cs_zookeeper_connect zookeeper.connect ZOOKEEPER_PORT_2181_TCP_ADDR:ZOOKEEPER_PORT_2181_TCP_PORT
mm_pd_compression_codec compression.codec snappy
mm_pd_metadata_broker_list KAFKA_PORT_9092_TCP_ADDR:KAFKA_PORT_9092_TCP_PORT
mm_pd_producer_type producer.type async
mm_pd_request_required_acks request.required.acks 1

A few sensible, and some opinionated values, have been set as given above. A basic invocation using a link to local ZooKeeper and Kafka instances would be:

docker run --rm --name mirrormaker --link zookeeper:zookeeper --link kafka:kafka cgswong/confluent-mirrormaker

Using your configuration file

The config directory, /etc/kafka-mirrormaker, is exposed for mounting to your local host. This facilitates using your own configuration files, and instead of injecting into the container, while still take advantage of variable substitution. Also, you can download remote properties files by setting the environment variables mm_pd_cfg_url and mm_cs_cfg_url to the location of the producer and consumer properties files respectively.


This image is a fork of the main ConfluentInc Platform. As I do contribute back you may see some of these features included, however, some may not be included or take longer to be merged. I created this version not only to contribute back to a really good project, but also to learn, and have a version which was more robust (production ready since this is being used as such), with a more timely update cycle (for the time being anyways).

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