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Kibana Docker image based on Alpine Linux (~65 MB)
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Docker Kibana

This is a configurable Kibana Docker built using Docker's automated build process and published to the public Docker Hub Registry.

It is usually the front-end visualization component for an ELK stack. That is, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana .

How to use this image

To start a basic container, specify a URL (hostname/IP and port) for a target Elasticsearch node to connect using --env KIBANA_ELASTICSEARCH_URL=http://[hostname_or_ipv4]:[port]. For example:

docker run --name kibana \
  --publish 5601:5601 \

Note that for connecting to an Elasticsearch cluster you should be using a proxy node or load balancer.

Additional Configuration

Within the image the port 5601 is exposed for host mapping. The volume /opt/kibana/config is also exposed such that you can use your own configuration file via a host mounted volume. However, you can also download your own configuration file via the KIBANA_CFG_URL environment variable. For example:

docker run --name kibana \
  --publish 5601:5601 \

Environment variables are accepted as a means to provide further configuration by reading those starting with KIBANA_. Any matching variables will get added to Kibana's configuration file, `kibana.yml' by:

  1. Removing the KIBANA_ prefix
  2. Transforming to lower case

This is how we actually use KIBANA_ELASTICSEARCH_URL, by transforming it into elasticsearch_url within kibana.yml. The environment variable substitution also works for your configuration file (host mounted or remote download) as well.

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