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Short Description
parse iometer output files and loads said data into a mysql database for trending and tracking.
Full Description

A container instantiated from the captan-iometer-parser parse iometer output files generated by captan-iometer instances and loads said ata into a mysql or mariadb database for trending and tracking.

1) The database instance must exist.
2) Have a user with database create and table insert privs.
3) The container must be able to access the database.

FROM centos:latest
MAINTAINER Chad Morgenstern
RUN yum update -y && yum install -y dos2unix procps mysql sysstat
COPY scripts/ /opt/
COPY scripts/create_table.sql /opt/
ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/"]

Launch command:
docker run --restart=always -d -v /tmp:/data --name=iometer-parser chadmorgenstern/captan-iometer-parser:v1 <db endpoint> <db user> <db user password>

Insert the endpoint, user and password as part of the run command, for example:
docker run --restart=always -d -v /tmp:/data --name=iometer-parser chadmorgenstern/iometer-parser:v1 dbuser PaSsW0rd

How it works:
Each captan-iometer instance automatically runs a series of iometer configurations, sending the results files modified to include instance type, instance id, ami id, volume sizes, volume types, anticipated maximum IOPS per volumes to the docker host. The program /opt/ runs in the foreground on the container, the container runs in detached mode. Every sixty seconds, trolls the /data directory looking for files matching iometer-results, parses the file name and file content saving the results of both as columns in csv format and then inserts the row into the captan/iometerdata1 table. At script startup, the database and table are created by the script if they do not exist. The /data directory maps to the container hosts /tmp directory.

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