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This repository contains a Dockerfile that will builds a Docker-in-Docker container. In
other words, a container that has the docker binary inside. This is similar to
jpetazzo/dind but goes to simpler route, by mounting the host's docker socket instead of
trying to stupidly jump through cgroup hoops to run a fully-featured daemon.

This repository is based on instruction in this post:

  • Uses Alpine Linux for minimal base image.
  • Uses the host's docker daemon instead of trying to run one inside the container to avoid
    a ton of runtime complications and life-shortening exercises.


As per above you need to mount the docker socket inside the container to access the host's
docker daemon. A basic way to test that everything works is by running docker ps. If you
see the container itself listed, then everything works:

$ docker run --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock chakrit/dind docker ps

Isn't that amazing : ) You just ran docker from inside a docker container and the result
printed is the status of the container itself running.

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