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This app can be used to sync bugzilla tickets into Github issues
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This app can be used to sync bugzilla tickets into Github issues


To develop and test locally, you must have Node installed.

Clone the Repo
Run npm install
Once you have all the settings configured , to launch the app you can either type npm start

Configure settings

This app supports either setting enviromental variables or using a config.json file to configure the settings

If you want environment variables set

PORT -> port number to run the server
sails_bugzilla__username -> Bugzilla User ID
sails_bugzilla__password -> Bugzilla password
sails_bugzilla__url -> URL to the bugzilla server
sails_github__github_token -> Github oath token for the user that will be creating issues
sails_github__repo -> github repo . Format is "owner/repo". Example (chalettu/javascript_test)

I created a shell script in the root of the repo that you can fill in to set all the env variables for you.
In the terminal type source

Usage scenarios

Docker usage

This repo comes with a working DOCKERFILE and all you need to get it set up is run a docker build like below
docker build -t myDockerId/bugzilla-github-sync .
docker run -dt myDockerId/bugzilla-github-sync

If you would like to run this in a container and do not need to update the code base, please view the image at



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