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Short Description
This repository contains Docker images for services needed to run Chameleon.
Full Description

Chameleon system docker services

  • This repository contains Dockerfiles for services needed to run Chameleon.
  • All Dockerfiles should extend from official Docker images or other chameleon-system images only to retain a comprehensible chain of inheritance.
  • The goal of this repository is to provide ready-to-run-images to be used in docker-compose application stack configurations that run the chameleon system

Service specific documentation


Available Environment Variables

  • EPP_XDEBUG=true|false (enables/disables xdebug module - default = false)
  • EPP_XDEBUG_REMOTE_HOST=ip-address (the ip-address or hostname (must be resolvable from inside docker!) where your debugging IDE can be reached)
  • EPP_SHOW_ERRORS=true|false (enables/disables displaying of PHP error messages)
  • SERVICE_USER_ID=user_id (the user id php-fpm should run as. for example:33 or 1000)
  • SERVICE_USER_NAME=user_name (the user name for the given id php-fpm should use)
  • SSH_CONFIG=Path to an ssh config on the host which you may optionally provide.


Available Environment Variables

  • PUBLIC_DIR=The document root dir relative to htdocs, defaults to "customer/web"
  • HTACCESS_USER=Username for htaccess
  • HTACCESS_PASS=Password for htaccess
  • HTACCESS_WHITELIST_IP_REGEX=The IP-address or a regex matching an IP-address range to whitelist against htaccess control
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