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This will be the more stable release. Granted I might break things for the sake of security one day
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Jenkins Android


This container aims to be one that allows someone to get started compiling APK's out of the box. More of a description to come.



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Current Status



  • Upgrade OS
  • Flatten layers
  • Get building on 16.04
  • Upgrade Packages
  • Get building with latest packages
  • Add persistence (volumes)
  • Write some stuff about docker volumes and usage and such.
  • Stop running this as root
  • adopt some of the stuff from here
  • fix markdown badges

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$ docker pull chamunks/jenkins-android

Basic Run

$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 chamunks/jenkins-android

Advanced Usage

docker volume create --name jenkins
docker volume create --name ssh
docker volume create --name androidsdk

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -v jenkins:/root/.jenkins --name=jenkins chamunks/jenkins-android-test

Do note that when you use the advanced usage noted above you will have created a specific volume that will persist through one docker rm -f jenkins to the next so if you make your own fork of this and maintain it you will be able to upgrade it with your data in tact.


This container may or may not be maintained by me, you're welcomed to submit PR/MR's and I will review/merge them because theres no real sense in maintaining 20 copies of this. That said I tend to make things once and then use them for a while and then stop maintaining them personally.

The docker volume create method leaves a dangling volume if you do not execute the command docker volume rm jenkins after you're finished. This volume may grow to be fairly large if you're archiving your artifacts.

This jenkins is running as the root user which is also not okay but I don't know if I will fix it any time soon as I just need it to build android apps for now.

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