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Load generator for the Data Aggregator. Generates random messages and sends it via ZMQ.
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docker run --restart="on-failure" -d changedynamix/aggregator-load-tester


load generator to send zmq message at a constant rate
Usage: load generator [options]

-s, --server <value> aggregator's zeromq PULL socket address, default is localhost:5555
-r, --rate <value> number of messages to send per second, default it 20000
-e, --error-rate <value>
number of error messages among all to send in percent of total rate, default it 0
-b, --batch-size <value>
size of batch to be sent in one moment, default it 100
-k, --key <value> server's public key, default is 5A5832576F434D2D57367D667148464865326E3C4B74586B733C574C7A624E6355642D5239282E72
--help provide a subscribing zmq socket address to send messages to, per-second rate and public key

java -jar loadgen.jar -s -r 10000 -e 5
100 messages sent
200 messages sent
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