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Docker: muhttpd

uhttpd: A laughably-small HTTP server .

[The container is under 5MB]

muhttpd Dockerfile is found here

Even though the project I use here is named uhttpd, I'm namig the container as muhttpd to avoid confusion
with the other uhttpd. That uhttpd is also put on docker
by finchol and it's found here.


Run the container mounting a directory with content from host to /www

sudo docker run -d -v /path/to/content/dir:/www --name muhttpd chanux/muhttpd

To check whether it worked, find the IP of the container and browse to it.

sudo docker inspect --format='{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}' thttpd

It'd be more useful to bind the container to a port on host

sudo docker run -d -v /path/to/content/dir:/www -p 8000:80 --name muhttpd chanux/muhttpd
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