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shadowsocks-libev alpine image
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shadowsocks-libev is a lightweight secured socks5 proxy for embedded
devices and low end boxes. It is a port of shadowsocks created by
@clowwindy maintained by @madeye and @linusyang.

Suppose we have a VPS running Debian or Ubuntu.
To deploy the service quickly, we can use docker.

Install docker

$ curl -sSL | sh
$ docker --version

Build docker image

$ curl -sSL | docker build -t shadowsocks-libev .
$ docker images

You can also use a pre-built docker image: vimagick/shadowsocks-libev .

Run docker container

$ docker run -d -e METHOD=aes-256-cfb -e PASSWORD=9MLSpPmNt -p 8388:8388 --restart always shadowsocks-libev
$ docker ps

:warning: Click here to generate a strong password to protect your server.

Use docker-compose to manage (optional)

It is very handy to use docker-compose to manage docker containers.
You can download the binary at

This is a sample docker-compose.yml file.

  image: shadowsocks-libev
    - "8388:8388"
    - METHOD=aes-256-cfb
  restart: always

It is highly recommended that you setup a directory tree to make things easy to manage.

$ mkdir -p ~/fig/shadowsocks/
$ cd ~/fig/shadowsocks/
$ curl -sSLO
$ docker-compose up -d
$ docker-compose ps


At last, download shadowsocks client here.
Don't forget to share internet with your friends.

    "server": "your-vps-ip",
    "server_port": 8388,
    "local_address": "",
    "local_port": 1080,
    "password": "9MLSpPmNt",
    "timeout": 600,
    "method": "aes-256-cfb"
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