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A solid & stable database for OSM-Tests
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docker-postgres-osm []

The base postgres image from Docker with extensions for importing OpenStreetMap data.

Build Instructions

Can be built from the Dockerfile:

# docker build -t chatelao/postgres-osm

Running Postgres

Build the image:

# docker build -t chatelao/postgres-osm .

Then launch the container:

# docker run -d --name postgres-osm chatelao/postgres-osm

Then test with postgresql-client:

# docker run -i -t --rm --link postgres-osm:pg --entrypoint /bin/bash postgres:9.3.6 -c 'psql -h $PG_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR -p $PG_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT -U postgres postgres'

This will use Docker's container links to connect to Postgresql without having Postgresql exposed to the host or network.


By default, the database created will be called gis and be owned by user osm. These can be changed with environment variables in the RUN command:

# docker run -d --name postgres-osm -e "OSM_USER=www-data" -e "OSM_DB=osm_dataset" chatelao/postgres-osm

These variables can be accessed from linked containers. Consider the link alias pg:


These can then be passed into import scripts or clients in other containers.


This Dockerfile is UNFINISHED. There are still some remaining tasks before it is usable for an OpenStreetMap database.

  • Add custom tweaks to PostgreSQL configuration for OSM
  • Handle log output (probably will dump to STDOUT)


This Dockerfile was built with information from the Ubuntu 14.04 Switch2OSM guide.

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