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Ubuntu base images with minit, a minimalist init implementation for Docker. Use as a base for your own containers.
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Minit is a minimalist init implementation for Docker. Minit behaves like a proper init(8) with a minimum of overhead, solving the problems caused by running, for example, a script as pid 1 inside your container, especially when the container involves multiple processes. If you're familiar with baseimage-docker, minit is a "correct init process". See minit on github for more details.

These images are meant to be used as a base for your own images. They're built on the Ubuntu base images (though there's no reason there couldn't also be CentOS or any other versions). For simple usage, simply make a Dockerfile with contents like:

FROM chazomaticus/minit
MAINTAINER your name
RUN # any setup commands...
ADD startup /etc/minit/startup

Make an executable startup file with contents like:

/usr/sbin/sshd # For example

If you need to do anything special on shutdown (before minit automatically sends your processes SIGTERM), make an executable shutdown script and ADD it to /etc/minit/shutdown.

Double check that startup (and shutdown) are executable, then build the image.

These images all have a default ENTRYPOINT pointing to minit, so your own arguments to CMD or to docker run on the command line will be passed as arguments to minit: the first, if non-empty, specifies an alternate startup script to execute, and the second specifies an alternate shutdown script. If you don't want that behavior, you can always set your own ENTRYPOINT ["/sbin/minit/", "", ""].

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