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CheckoutCrypto Dart Worker
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#CheckoutCrypto Dart Worker

A dart port for CheckoutCrypto's multi-cryptocurrency worker.

##Git Install:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hachre/dart
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install darteditor dartsdk dartium pub git mongodb robomongo

git clone
cd ./dart-worker
pub get


dart main.dart 
note: you can launch server standalone for a service etc with:
dart main.dart -server

You need a CheckoutCrypto Site and your own custom client. No official, dart-worker, api, client, released yet. This port is still in early development.

##Docker install

###Pre-install and run MongoDB daemon container with mysql connection

 sudo docker run -it -d --name mongo dockerfile/mongodb

###Add table and user (need latest docker)

sudo docker exec -it mongo /bin/bash
use bitcoin
    user: "test",
    pwd: "testpass",
    roles: [ { role: "userAdmin", db: "bitcoin" } ]

###Run CheckoutCrypto Dart worker container with mongo

docker run --name cc-dart -p 4042:4042 --link mongo:mongo -it -d checkoutcrypto/worker-dart

##Required Setup for a single/daemon run

Edit the user and database, ip, port, etc for mongo and whatever you want your dart http server to be.

sudo docker exec -it cc-dart /bin/bash 
vi /worker/bin/main.dart
  ///// HTTP Server Setup
  srvConfig["server_ip"] = "";
  srvConfig["server_port"] = 4042;
  ///// Mongo Config
  srvConfig["mongo_ip"] = "";
  srvConfig["mongo_port"] = "27017";
  srvConfig["mongo_table"] = "bitcoin";
  srvConfig["mongo_user"] ="test";
  srvConfig["mongo_pass"] = "testpass";

##Required Setup, configuration and post-installation

  1. Add CheckoutCrypto Site Database connection
  2. Add Bitcoin RPC settings
  3. Generate a key for our client(Front end API)
  4. Start Server

Menu Usage:

 docker run -d -p 4042:4042 --link mongo:mongo checkoutcrypto/worker-dart dart /worker/bin/main.dart

Run Server Standalone

 docker run -d -it -p 4042:4042 --link mongo:mongo checkoutcrypto/worker-dart dart /worker/bin/main.dart  -server

##CheckoutCrypto Worker Dart Client Example

This is a dart client connection example, to connect to this repository's dart worker.

String url = ""
request = new HttpRequest();
request.onReadyStateChange.listen(onData);'POST', url);
request.send('{"apikey":"$apikey", "coin":"BTC", "action":"getnewaddress", "params":{"uid":1, "account":"fee", "address":"", "recipient":"", "amount":""} }');

Read more

Detailed site instructions on CheckoutCrypto's site installation and configuration can be found in that repository's readme

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