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Mapserver served via Apache CGI
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Mapserver in docker container

Use this repo to build a Docker image that serves mapserver CGI via Apache

2016-07-29 update

Debian testing does not provide libapache2-mod-php5, so created a jessie branch where it is available.


Firstly, save your Mapfile(s) and data files into a subdirectory, i.e. maps. This subdirectory will be mounted into the container as /opt/mapserver/.

Next, write your Apache configuration file(s) and save it in a subdirectory, i.e. sites. If you are using SetEnv directive to translate MAP parameter value e.g. mymap in CGI query string to absolute path of the Mapfile, the Apache directive would look like this:

SetEnv mymap /opt/mapserver/

The easiest way to build and run the container is by using docker-compose. The sample docker-compose.yml given below assumes that you have used the same subdirectory names otherwise modify them accordingly.

  image: cheewai/mapserver
  #container_name: mapserver
    - "80:80"
    - ./sites:/etc/apache2/sites-enabled:ro
    - ./maps:/opt/mapserver:ro
    - ./logs:/var/log/apache2
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