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Asynchronous HTTP server in Docker
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Asynchronous HTTP server in Docker

This project aims to experiment with lightweight HTTP server based on Python 3.5+ asynchronous I/O e.g. aiohttp suitable for use as REST API server.

The operative word for this repo is experiment because Python 3 asyncio is still in a state of flux somewhat. As a point of interest, David Beazley's Curio does it faster and simpler!

It includes asyncio-compatible libraries to connect to the following servers:

  • PostgreSQL asyncpg (unlike psycopg2, no mogrify() and named parameters)
  • RabbitMQ aioamqp
  • RethinkDB rethinkdb.set_loop_type("asyncio")
  • MySQL aiomysql

A comprehensive compilation of compatible Python libraries can be found here.

In the meantime, informative benchmarks of several Python web frameworks can be found here


Beware of the version of Python 3 interpreter you use and set your PYTHONPATH accordingly.

  • /usr/bin/python3 is version 3.4+
  • /usr/local/bin/python3 is version 3.5+
  • Just before importing packages installed using apt-get, e.g. yaml, shapely, etc. do this in your code,
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