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Pydap in a fat docker image
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Pydap in docker

This is a fat docker image that serves Pydap using uWSGI

The runtime directory structure in the container is similar to the official guideline,, with these notable differences:

  • No virtualenv
  • /var/www/pydap/server/data/ is mounted into the container at runtime as defined in docker-compose.yml


  • To include additional handlers apart from NetCDF


First, decide on the full pathname (existing directory) outside the container where your data will be stored.

You may either pull the auto-built image from Docker hub, or build it locally from the Dockerfile.

Using docker-compose

  • Edit docker-compose.yml to set the pathname of the data directory
# Add -d if you want it run as a background service
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up

Using docker commands

  • If you decide to build from the Dockerfile locally:
docker build --rm -t pydap .

# Next, to run:
docker run -it --rm -v {data-directory}:/var/www/pydap/server/data pydap

# Or replace '-it --rm' with '-d' if you want it as a background service
  • If you decide to pull auto-built image from Docker hub:
docker run -d -v {data-directory}:/var/www/pydap/server/data cheewai/pydap
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