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protocol buffer compile container
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What is this

The smallest protobuffer image, just only 23MB.

How to use

Pull: docker pull chenfei/protobuf:2.4.1.

CMD: protoc -I /protobuf/src --java_out=/protobuf/out /protobuf/src/*.proto

RUN: docker run --rm -it -v $YOUR_PROTO_FILE_PATH:/protobuf/src -v $YOUR_PROTO_OUT:/protobuf/out chenfei/protobuf:2.4.1

RUN: docker run --rm -it -v $YOUR_PROTO_FILE_PATH:/protobuf/src -v $YOUR_PROTO_OUT:/protobuf/out chenfei/protobuf:2.4.1 sh

How it works

This is tools to build protoc environment. It first compile protoc in ubuntu:14.04, then docker cp the protoc binary file to busybox container.

Build by yourself

git clone

cd protobuf-docker && ./ build

Tested on DigitalOcean with CoreOS Droplet.

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