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Docker image for a random log generator, based on Alpine Linux.
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Docker image for a random log generator, based on Alpine Linux.

What is this?

This image will execute a container which will generate four random log messages:

  • ERROR something happened in this execution.
  • INFO takes the value and converts it to string.
  • WARN varible not in use.
  • DEBUG first loop completed.

Why this Image?

I've had the necessity to create a random logger to test log configurations with containers, this helped me out to do it easily.

What is inside of this repo?

In this git repository you will find the docker image definitions for the random Logger for Alpine Linux

  • Dockerfile -> Contains image definition.
  • -> Shell code to generate log messages.

How do I use this image?

To use this image you must do as follows:

# you can use tags latest
docker pull chentex/random-logger:latest

# to run the image just execute
docker run -d chentex/random-logger:latest

You will have now a docker container running and generating log messages, locate it running:

docker ps

You can see the logs using this command

docker logs <- container-id ->

How do I build this images?

First things first, you can find these docker images in chentex/random-logger
but you can also build a specific version on your own, you only need:

  • docker
  • git

Clone this repo

git clone

Go to the folder in your terminal and type this:

# cd into folder
cd random-logger
# Then build the new image
docker build -f Dockerfile .

If you want to tag your image use the following command

docker build -f Dockerfile -t yourbase/yourname:version .

For more on docker build reference to the Documentation

You can get the source from the image in the Repository

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository