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build with docker
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  • Pull docker image:
    docker pull chepe4pi/ethereum_scanner
  • Run docker container with port binding:
    docker run -d -p8000:8000 chepe4pi/ethereum_scanner
  • for fill database fast and async you have to use this script:
    ./ sync_blocks_and_txs 1 1800000 (blocks rate)
  • for start real-time tx and blocks monitoring you have to use this one:
    ./ start_block_monitor (it will fell database in real-time)

    • to check block position of real-time syncing you can check this url -
    • for capture exceptions in background tasks add Sentry secret key to system env variable

    PS: It's configuration for tests and development.
    For production environment you have to use stronger solution.

    PPS: Celery worker in docker image is not included yet. Ethereum rpc server is also not included, it's better to put Ethereum rpc server on same container and chose IPC-communication with server (in or you can setup this server in other container and use HTTP-communication (it's slower for sync)

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