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Docker Image for proxying IMAP connection for web clients
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IMAP Proxy Docker Image

This is a docker image for running SquirrelMail's IMAP Proxy (imapproxy) in
a Docker container.

IMAP Proxy is good for keeping IMAP connection open if the client does
not. This usually happens for web-based client which opens a new IMAP connection
for each HTTP request.


$ docker run -i -e cheungpat/imapproxy

The SERVER_HOSTNAME environment is the hostname of
the IMAP server where imapproxy should connect to. In the above example,
imapproxy will proxy IMAP connections to You should replace with the hostname of another IMAP server.


This docker image can be configured using environment variables. Here is
a list of commonly used environment variables:

  • SERVER_HOSTNAME - hostname of the IMAP server to proxy IMAP connection to,
    default is localhost
  • SERVER_PORT - port of the IMAP server to proxy IMAP connection to, default
    is 143
  • FORCE_TLS - whether to force the use of STARTTLS when making a connection,
    default is yes

For a list of environment variables and their default settings, see
imapproxyd.conf.tmpl file.


This repo is created by Kwok-kuen Cheung.
IMAP Proxy was originally written by Dave McMurtrie. IMAP Proxy project page at


This repo is licensed under
MIT License. IMAP Proxy
is licensed under
GNU GPL license.

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