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The docker image is for AES encrypt and decrypt testing on the local web
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The docker image is based on Alpine Linux.


add python package: redis
This web site will read cache from redis


add python package: CherryPy

You could use the docker run command for testing AES on the web site:

docker run -d -p 1234:1234 chhuang/python-aes

You could open browser and visit the following link:

http://$(docker-machine ip):1234
On the default page, you could input your AES key and source to test encryption and decryption.


In order to test python AES function, we install the following prerequisite packages and python package:
system: gcc g++ autoconf apk add python python-dev py-pip
python: pycrypto

AES key is embedded.
You could use the docker run command for testing AES:


docker run chhuang/python-aes encrypt test
source: test
encrypted: f8d286ed58a887b5e406bc8bdb331da2


docker run chhuang/python-aes decrypt f8d286ed58a887b5e406bc8bdb331da2
source: f8d286ed58a887b5e406bc8bdb331da2
decrypted: test

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