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Docker image for Ubuntu/Debian package builder
Full Description

Docker image for Ubuntu/Debian package builder

This image contains the basic packaging tools for Ubuntu/Debian developers to backport and build Debian packages.

It includes

  • build-essential - Informational list of build-essential packages
  • devscripts - scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier
  • equivs - Circumvent Debian package dependencies
  • cdbs - common build system for Debian packages
  • git-buildpackage - Suite to help with Debian packages in Git repositories
  • sbuild - Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources
  • arriero - Simplifies management of several Debian packages
  • vim - Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor

Supported versions

  • Ubuntu 14.04 - chihchun/deb-backporter:trusty
  • Ubuntu 16.04 - chihchun/deb-backporter:xenial
  • Debian 8 - chihchun/deb-backporter:jessie
  • Debian 9 - chihchun/deb-backporter:stretch


# Download GNU Hello as example.
apt-get source hello
cd hello*

# The docker entry point command will install the dependency of the pacakge, and run dpkg-buildpackage
# You can see the for more details.
docker run -t -i -v `pwd`:/home/builder/build -v /home/builder --rm chihchun/deb-backporter:xenial
# If you like to get a shell for developerment, just pass bash in
docker run -t -i -v `pwd`:/home/builder/build -v /home/builder --rm chihchun/deb-backporter:xenial bash
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