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Short Description
Docker image for accessing Taiwanese web-based personal income tax system
Full Description

Docker image for accessing Web-based Personal income text reporting system of Ministry of Finance, Taiwan.

Introduction / 介紹

This is a docker image help Linux Desktop Users setup their enviromenet to access to the Web-based Personal income text reporting system. (綜合所得稅電子結算申報繳稅系統)

There are some requirements for access to the web system, and it can be a confusing technical challenges due to

  • The required components has security limitation, which blocked most of the access of the Java Web Browser Plugin by default.
  • The system requires a unsigned FIrefox extenstion, the user need to use the advanced settings before actaully install the plugin.

This container image offers preinstallation of the system / 本容器鏡像提供以下預裝軟體

  • Preinstalled Firefox 53.0.2
    • allow unsigned extenstion
    • does not save your password
    • allow pop up window for the information notice by the system.
  • OpenJDK 8 and IcedTea
  • Chinese fonts and locale settings with input method support.
  • pcscd for SmartCard access.

This image is only tested on 64 bit/amd64 Ubuntu 16.04. Please report if you can not use the image on the other distro.

Usage / 使用方法

System requirements / 基本需求

  • 64 bit / amd64 Linux
  • Xorg (any X11-based Desktop Enviroement can do the work, does not support Wayland. 各種桌面環境都可以,除了 Wayland)
  • Chinese Input method / 中文輸入法 (如 fictix)
  • Docker Engine

How to start / 執行方式

# You must have docker installed on your machine.
# 請先確保你已經安裝 docker
sudo apt-get install
# If you like to access to Smart Card (自然人憑證/健保卡), please make sure you stop your pcscd on your host
# 你需要先停掉系統上的 pcscd. 把 USB 裝置讓給 docker 使用。
sudo /etc/init.d/pcscd stop
sh -x
  • 系統第一次啟動,會問你安裝一次 HiPKI Addons, 請安裝後,選擇重新啟動。
  • 自動重新啟動後預設就會進入報稅網站界面,請記得接下來跳出的視窗都要選取允取 Java 執行。系統才能正確安裝
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