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Dockerized slack-irc bridge
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Docker container for slack-irc


Copy slack-irc/config.json.sample to slack-irc/config.json and change the config.

Example configuration

  // Bot 1 (minimal configuration):
    "nickname": "test2",
    "server": "",
    "token": "slacktoken2",
    "channelMapping": {
      "#other-slack": "#new-irc-channel"

  // Bot 2 (advanced options):
    "nickname": "test",
    "server": "",
    "token": "slacktoken", // Your bot user's token
    "autoSendCommands": [ // Commands that will be sent on connect
      ["PRIVMSG", "NickServ", "IDENTIFY password"],
      ["MODE", "test", "+x"],
      ["AUTH", "test", "password"]
    "channelMapping": { // Maps each Slack-channel to an IRC-channel, used to direct messages to the correct place
      "#slack": "#irc channel-password", // Add channel keys after the channel name
      "privategroup": "#other-channel" // No hash in front of private groups
    "ircOptions": { // Optional node-irc options
      "floodProtection": false, // On by default
      "floodProtectionDelay": 1000 // 500 by default
    // Makes the bot hide the username prefix for messages that start
    // with one of these characters (commands):
    "commandCharacters": ["!", "."]

ircOptions is passed directly to node-irc (available options).

docker pull chihchun/slack-ircbridge
docker run -d -t --rm -v ${PWD}/slack-irc:/slack-irc chihchun/slack-ircbridge

Build from source

Build the docker container or pull from internet

docker build -t slack-ircbridge .


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