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Multi-container Docker Application for the 802.11 traffic capture PoC
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Running multi-container Docker Application for 802.11 traffic capture PoC

Getting started

1) Download Docker Compose file, WSO2 BAM Toolbox and Stream definitions

$ git clone
$ cd docker-wso2bam-kismet-poc
$ git clone

2) Run docker-compose.yml

$ docker-compose up -d
Starting dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_mac-manuf_1
Starting dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1

3) Check the created containers

$ docker ps -q | xargs docker inspect --format '{{printf "%.12s\t%s" .Id .Config.Cmd}}'
32650114efbf  [/bin/sh -c sh ./]
50ef76b399c3  [/bin/sh -c python]


$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                             COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                                     NAMES
32650114efbf        dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_wso2bam-dashboard-kismet   "/bin/sh -c 'sh ./wso"   6 minutes ago       Up 6 minutes        7611/tcp, 9160/tcp, 9763/tcp, 21000/tcp,>7711/tcp,>9443/tcp   dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1
50ef76b399c3        chilcano/mac-manuf-lookup:py-latest               "/bin/sh -c 'python m"   7 minutes ago       Up 6 minutes        5000/tcp,>5443/tcp                                                          dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_mac-manuf_1

4) Testing the running containers

$ docker-compose logs

Attaching to 250kismetpoc_wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1, 250kismetpoc_mac-manuf_1
wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1 | JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to /usr
wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1 | CARBON_HOME environment variable is set to /opt/wso2bam02a
wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1 | [2016-03-08 17:12:01,714]  INFO {} -  'admin@carbon.super [-1234]' logged in at [2016-03-08 17:12:01,714+0000]
mac-manuf_1                |  * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
mac-manuf_1                |  * Restarting with stat
mac-manuf_1                |  * Debugger is active!
mac-manuf_1                |  * Debugger pin code: 162-079-671
mac-manuf_1                | - - [08/Mar/2016 17:03:46] "GET /chilcano/api/manuf/00-50:Ca-ca-fe-ca HTTP/1.1" 200 -

Where the wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1 and mac-manuf_1 are the recently created docker containers.

5) Stopping or killing the recently created containers

$ docker-compose stop
Stopping dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_wso2bam-dashboard-kismet_1 ... done
Stopping dockerwso2bamkismetpoc_mac-manuf_1 ... done
$ docker-compose kill

Running the PoC (Kismet -> WSO2 BAM -> MAC Manuf Lookup)

1) Send 802.11 captured traffic to WSO2 BAM

From the Host forwards the 7713 port and exposes the Docker machine IP to your local network. Using this, the Raspberry Pi (Kismet) can reach to the Docker machine.

// (user/pwd: docker/tcuser)
$ ssh docker@$(docker-machine ip default) -f -N -L


  • f is to run in background.
  • N is to don't execute a remote command. This is useful for just forwarding ports.
  • L this specifies that the given port on the local (client) host is to be forwarded to the given host and port on the remote side.

For a further explanation, follow this instruccions:

2) Run the docker-componse.yml (WSO2 BAM & MAC Manuf Lookup)

Follow the above first part of this guide (Getting started).

3) Visualize the 802.11 captured traffic from the WSO2 BAM Kismet Toolbox (Dashboard)

Open a browser with this URL and go to BAM Dashboard section to view the incoming traffic.
The IP address is the IP of your Docker Machine where are running the 2 above containers (WSO2 BAM and MAC Address Manufacturer containers).


  1. Docker Compose:
  2. A Python Microservice in a Docker Container (MAC Address MAnufacturer Lookup):
  3. Analyzing Wireless traffic in real time with WSO2 BAM, Apache Cassandra, Complex Event Processor (CEP Siddhi), Apache Thrift and Python:
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