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laraedit-docker (locale to Asia/Taipei)
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laraedit-docker (locale to Asia/Taipei)

Dockerized version of Laravel Homestead


For now you can check out the wiki for details on using the container. Once the container is stable, I will add more instructions here in the readme.

Build Information

You can find the latest build details on the Docker Hub

What works

  • [x] Nginx 1.8.1
  • [x] PHP 7.0
  • [x] SQLite
  • [x] MySQL 5.7
  • [x] Redis
  • [x] NodeJS
  • [ ] PostreSQL
  • [x] Beanstalkd
  • [x] Blackfire
  • [x] Bower
  • [x] Gulp
  • [x] Composer
  • [x] Laravel Envoy
  • [x] Laravel Installer
  • [ ] Lumen Installer

How to use the container

Kitematic (the easy way)

  1. Search for laraedit-docker
  2. Create LaraEdit container
  3. Point the /var/www/html/app volume to your local application directory.

CLI (the other easy way)

  1. Pull in the image
    docker pull chinlung/laraedit-docker
  2. Run the container
    docker run -p 80:80 -v /path/to/your/app:/var/www/html/app chinlung/laraedit-docker

MySQL Details

  • MySQL Username = homestead
  • MySQL Password = secret
  • MySQL Database = homestead

You are free to create more databases and/or users, but these are available to you as soon as you run the container!

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