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Docker buildbox for ESP8266
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ESP8266 Buildbox

A Ubuntu 14.04 based buildbox for the ESP8266 SoC.

Included Stuff:

It also has the esp-open-sdk xtensa toolset, esptool, and on the path and ready to go!

Meant to be used in conjuction with a host machine that can communicate with the chip over a serial port or USB to UART adapter of some kind.

The idea is that you share your project's directory on the host machine with the container as a volume, use the container to build the necessary elf and bin files in that volume, then access them on the host machine and flash them to the chip from there!

This image also has the user esp8266 setup with sudo rights and no password, you are automatically logged in as that user with the /bin/zsh entrypoint in the /home/esp8266/project directory.

My workflow is to start a container like so:

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/home/esp8266/project chipolux/esp8266-buildbox

Then do my required compiling in that attached pseudo-tty and then flash the chip from my host machine once all the compiling is done!

You can find the dockerfile repo here!

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