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Docker image of the IRProfiler Galaxy toolbox
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IRProfiler Docker Image is a full-fledged Galaxy installation that integrates IRProfiler, a novel Galaxy toolbox for immunorepertoire profiling. The IRProfiler Docker Image relies on the Galaxy Docker Image (bgruening/galaxy-stable).

This is made available as supplementary material for the article IRProfiler - A Software Toolbox for High Throughput Immune Receptor Profiling, authored by C. Maramis et al. and published in BMC Bioinformatics.


Start the IRProfiler Galaxy image as follows:

docker run -d -v <galaxy_storage>:/export -p 8080:80 -p 8021:21 -p 8022:22 chmaramis/irprofiler

where <galaxy_storage> is a local folder in which things such as the databases and tool sheds of the installation are going to be persistently stored.

The Galaxy instance will become accessible via `http://\<hostname or IP\>:8080 after executing the command above. For more usage options, you can visit bgruening/galaxy-stable.


The Galaxy instance comes with an administrator account for carrying out management tasks. Administrator credentials:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin
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