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Short Description
Provides a one page application to check on build states.
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Provides a one page web application to monitor concourse job states.


This assumes that the concourse instance you are attempting to monitor is v2.5+ and that it has its API exposed to the system running this docker image.



docker run --rm -it -e "" -p 8888:8888 chrinor2002/concourse-workbench

Custom Image


echo "FROM chrinor2002/concourse-workbench\
docker build . -t yourcompany/concourse-workbench
docker run --rm -it -p 8888:8888 yourcompany/concourse-workbench

Search Path

A feature was requested that allows an admin to setup pre-filtered pages. The path /search/{substring} allows this.


Several paths exist in the server that can be queried:

Path Description
/ The main root of the single page web application.
/search/{pattern*} A secondary single page web application that filters the pipelines. This filter is applied after fetching a list of pipelines, and is applied using substring matching.
/e A route defined to allow the main web page to retrieve the environment variables prefixed with JS_.
/c/{apipath*} A route specifically used to forward API requests to concourse.
/c/public/{publicpath*} A route used for getting public paths from concourse. This is specifically used for fetching CSS and fonts.
/r/{apipath*} A route for redirection to concourse. This is used to allow a path returned by concourse to have a relative or absolute location to be redirected to.

Env Variables

Variable Required Description
JS_INTERVAL No Controls the interval for a refresh of pipe status indicators. Note: the more pipelines you have the higher I would recommend this number be.
JS_JOB_NAME_REGEX No Controls a regex pattern to match job names against. If a job does not match this pattern it is ignored. A good use case for this when a job exists, such as checking pull requests, and it is expected to fail periodically, but its failure does not represent a failure of the main build job or jobs.
JS_JOB_NAME_REGEX_FLAGS No Allows flags such as "i" to be set for the job name reject
CONCOURSE_URL_PROTOCOL No Sets the concourse url protocol. This should always be set to https, unless you are running this tool internally and really need http.
CONCOURSE_URL_HOST Yes Sets the concourse url host. eg.
CONCOURSE_BASIC_AUTH No Sets credentials used for privileged tasks. Note, this is not exposed to the HTML frontend. Users of the frontend are not aware these crednetials exist.
PRIVILEGED_FILTER No Sets up a whitelist of pipeline jobs and actions that can be taken on them. These tasks are executed using the credentials set using CONCOURSE_BASIC_AUTH

For examples of any of these values see the Dockerfile.

Unsupported (right now)

Docker Pull Command
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