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Single-instance build of CouchDB2 developer preview
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Note: This image has been merged into the official couchdb docker image, so get it there instead of here! This repository is no longer updated.

The official CouchDB repository is good for testing out CouchDB2 clustering support, but it is unstable and for any real usage a single-instance version of CouchDB2 should be used.

Although there is a pull request to add this, it has not been merged. This is a built image mirror of that pull request for developers who don't want to wait to play around with a usable CouchDB2 docker image, with some additional improvements and fixes added in.


See the official repository for details. Port 5984 is exposed to access couch and 9100/4369 are also exposable for cluster usage. You can find the new web management interface (fauxton) at http://dockerhost:5984/_utils/index.html.

There is a data volume exposed /opt/couchdb/data, which contains the nodes data.

docker run -p 5984:5984 chrisfosterelli/couchdb2
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